Sunday, November 28, 2010

Words I might have ate

I have always badmouthed Bank of America. They have been our bank since moving to Virginia. Until today, the only thing they really had going for them was their plethora of ATMs. Their hours were inconvenient, their fees are exorbitant, their customer service is stuffy, and I generally dislike them.

However, today, after returning home from a lovely day of Christmas festivities* with the family, we received a phone call from the bank. They introduced themselves, and said they were calling from the theft and fraud department. They were concerned about transactions made with the Hubbins' debit card.

They named the transactions in question, and they were correct - we had not, in fact, made said purchases. The charges were from local stores in our town, just a few blocks from our home. We were alarmed to say the least. The Hubbin' got on the line, and inquired as to how purchases were made, when he was in possession of his wallet.

But a quick check of his pockets, and we discovered that he was not in possession of his wallet. After tearing apart the house, the car, and retracing steps, it was concluded that the wallet must have dropped on one of our Christmas adventures, and some unscrupulous scumbag picked it up and went on a shopping spree with my husbands recently deposited paycheck.

Which set on an torrent of phone calls, cancelled cards, and so on that was both stressful and terrifying.

A side note here, BlogFans. . .Begin rant. I don't know how many of you have ever lost your wallet, but I find it to be particularly ludicrous when you report a card stolen, and the first thing the representative asks you is to read the sixteen digit account number from the front. If I had the sixteen digit account number in front of me on said card, I would not be reporting it stolen for God's sake. End rant.

In the end, and let us hope, BlogFans, that this is the end, Bank of America stepped up to the plate - not only nipping the fraudulent activity in the bud, but also immediately replacing all misspent funds.

Kudos to you, Bank of America. I won't speak badly of you again. For at least a week.

*pictures and stories about tree hunting tomorrow, BlogFans! Stay tuned

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