Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fun with the Book of Questions

If you had to name the one thing that frightens you the most about getting old, what would it be?

Ah, such a loaded question. There are a few things about growing old - and by "old" I mean like actually old, well into the upper 80's and beyond - that scare the hell out of me.

First and foremost, I am terrified of outliving my children. I don't know that my heart could go on beating if one of my children passed before me. It actually makes my heart hurt just writing this, so I'm going to stop talking about this one right here.

Secondly, I'm afraid of relying on people. I have a very, very small group of people that I can readily depend on. "Small" meaning two, tops. I have a large group of people who I love dearly, and who generally operate with the best of intentions, but I have very few people who I know would take care of me in a kind, humane way in the event that I should become physically or mentally incapacitated. And it really isn't the responsibility of either of them to bear that type of burden. I should hope that I have instilled the value of kindness, empathy and compassion on my kids, and that they would make appropriate arrangements for my care.

Lastly, I'm afraid of dying. Not death, I imagine death would be the easy part. But dying scares the hell out of me. Our family has been cursed with very drawn out deaths due to cancer and other devastating diseases. The process of going from healthy individual to death itself is something that sends shivers down my back.

If you could grab the buttocks of someone famous, whose would you grab?

Johnny Depp. Dressed as a pirate. Oh hell yes.

If you had to pick the single most spiritual moment of your life so far, what would it be?

Ironically enough (or maybe not at all) my most spiritual moments have been during some of my darkest times. This summer when I was welled into a pit of despair, a good friend suggested that I repeat a spiritual mantra to myself to help me fall asleep. I would lay in bed, curled up, and say "Thank you, God, for taking my fear and replacing it with peace and love." I know, it sounds cheesy now, but little by little, my body would settle, my heart rate would slow, my muscles would relax and I would slip into sleep feeling peaceful.

Well, that was a nice little mix of morbity, sex and religion. Let's do this again, soon, BlogFans. Tell me your answers in the comments. Comment anonymously if you don't want the word to know that it is my buttocks that you'd grab if you had the opportunity.

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