Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips,

I love you. Let's get married.

Saki in Sodium Over-load

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Toddler Creed - An Ode to Cecilia

If it is on, I must turn it off.
If it is off, I must turn it on.
If it is folded, I must unfold it.
If it is a liquid, it must be shaken, then spilled.
If it a solid, it must be crumbled, chewed or smeared.
If it is high, it must be reached.
If it is shelved, it must be unshelved.
If it is pointed, it must be run with at top speed.
If it has leaves, they must be picked.
If it is plugged, it must be unplugged.
If it is not trash, it must be thrown away.
If it is in the trash, it must be removed, inspected, and thrown on the floor.
If it is closed, it must be opened.
If it does not open, it must be screamed at.
If it has drawers, they must be rifled.
If it is a pencil, it must write on the refrigerator, monitor, or table.
If it is full, it will be more interesting emptied.
If it is empty, it will be more interesting full.
If it is a pile of dirt, it must be laid upon.
If it is stroller, it must under no circumstances be ridden in without protest. It must be pushed by me instead.
If it has a flat surface, it must be banged upon.
If Mommy's hands are full, I must be carried.
If Mommy is in a hurry and wants to carry me, I must walk alone.
If it is paper, it must be torn.
If it has buttons, they must be pressed.
If the volume is low, it must go high.
If it is toilet paper, it must be unrolled on the floor.
If it is a drawer, it must be pulled upon.
If it is a toothbrush, it must be inserted into my mouth.
If it has a faucet, it must be turned on at full force.
If it is a phone, I must talk to it.
If it is a bug, it must be swallowed.
If it doesn't stay on my spoon, it must be dropped on the floor.
If it is not food, it must be tasted.
If it IS food, it must not be tasted.
If it is dry, it must be made wet with drool, milk, or toilet water.
If it is a carseat, it must be protested with arched back.
If it is Mommy, it must be hugged.
I am toddler!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dear Saki...

Dear Spring,

I enjoy your presence in D.C. Please stick around for the next few months until summer comes. I'm a little over winter, and this winter was a particularly pathetic attempt at a season. I'm ready for flowers and sun and warmth, and I can even deal with some rain, as long as it's not mixed with ice pellets like winter sends us. If you stay, I'll give you a cookie.

Hoping it stays warm


Dear Weirdos Who Are Googling My Childs Picture,

Enough is enough now. I can see when you search my pictures, and I find you to be creepy. I know people. Stoppit.

Cecilia's (The Easter Girl's) Mom


Dear Childish Snapper,

I know you intended for your words to get back to me, just to get under my skin. They did. However, since it's no secret I find you to be classless and reprehensible, it ceases to bother me. The idea of a grown woman, a mother, no less, spewing sludge just to be catty is laughable, and a despicable example for your children. Truly, I pity them.

Content In My Own Skin


Dear D.C. Housing Market,

Shape up! I need to sell this house and go back to Jersey where I belong.

Disgruntled Home Owner With a Hugantic Mortgage Payment