Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set & I think I need a Lear jet

..and I know all you guys get that Pink Floyd reference, because I can tell by my site tracker that you're a bunch of pot smoking hippies. Don't deny it. Yes, I mean you.

Anyway, let's discuss money.

I love saving money any way I can. I often trade coupon and shopping tips with friends, trying to save a buck here or there.

Last week as I was chatting with a long time, much loved, friend, she mentioned a site called ebates. At first, I was all "WTF is an ebate?" and she explained it to me. BlogFans, I couldn't believe my ears. And before you go accusing me of being one of those sell out bloggers, ebates is not paying me to blog about them, it really is just that cool.

Once you make an account at ebates, bookmark that site. If you have any online shopping to do, go to their site, type in the store you want to shop at, and have at it. We bought a baby shower gift today on, and received 3% cash back on our $350 purchase. They mail checks out a few times a year.

I don't know how you feel about online shopping, BlogFans, but I happen to love shopping from my couch, while wearing fuzzy slippers and drinking wine. So go sign up at the ebates website, they'll give you five bucks just for making an account. Tell 'em Saki sent you :)

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