Friday, January 14, 2011

Damn you, auto correct!

Via text message between The Hubbin' and I:

Saki: I picked up cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake today
Hubbin': Cool. Any new flavors?
Saki: PB swirl, caramel, and dysentery champagne.
Saki: Curses! Strawberry Champagne. I wouldn't feed you a dysentery cupcake. Not today anyway.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Assembling with Saki

It would be unfair to title this one "cooking" with Saki, because there is absolutely no cooking involved. We have a delightful wintery appetizer for you, today, BlogFans. It's an appetizer that I don't partake in, because of my hatred of olives, but I do have to admit, they are pretty cute. Strap on your snowshoes and march to the store, because you will need:

1 can "Jumbo" black olives, pitted
1 can "Small" black olives, pitted
1 large carrot
1 ball fresh mozzarella cheese
1 jar pimentos (optional)
1 box toothpicks, bonus points if you get the ones with fancy things at the top

Drain all your olives. Pat dry, and very carefully slice the "jumbo" olives lengthwise. Gently open, and stuff the olives with a piece of fresh mozzarella, leaving a stripe of cheese showing down the middle. Cut your carrot into rounds, and cut a wedge out of the round. Using a toothpick, carefully stack your carrot round, stuffed olive and one small olive. Trim a tiny piece of carrot off of the discarded wedge, and make a small slit in the front of the small olive. Shove the carrot piece inside, making a beak. Garnish with a pimento scarf, if desired

Makes: One flock of penguins

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Cheers to a New Year

..and another chance for us to get it right!

Welcome to 2011, BlogFans! I hope you all had a happy little holiday season, and a safe New Years Eve. We had a quiet New Years Eve with family, filled with lots of good food and blessed relaxation.

Today brought the first day of the new year - it was mild and calm, and I hope the rest of the year follows suit. While sitting around today, we got on the subject of resolutions.

My mom has sworn off resolutions; she is still bitter that her resolution of New Years Past to stop cursing lasted all of forty one seconds. I don't love resolutions, either, but I make them anyway. This year I will do my best to:

Have more patience with my husband. He is more worthy of my patience than random people I encounter throughout the day.

Take more photographs. And try to be in some of them. Also, actually do something with the photos, so that they don't spend eternity in digital purgatory.

Live healthfully. Physically, emotionally, socially.

Speak proper English. I've found myself saying things such as "A whole nother." As in: I'm going to eat a whole nother apple. That isn't even a word! It's a word with another random word shoved inside of it. I also abuse the word "like," and punctuate what I say with "ya know?" and "Right?!" Terrible. To think - I majored in English! My father paid good money for this. The time has come to put it to use.

I think that about wraps up the big ones. What are your resolutions, BlogFans?