Monday, November 29, 2010

It's not going in the yard, kids. It's going in the living room.

Every year, the first weekend after Thanksgiving, we pile the family into the car, and head west until the suburbs give way to farms and trees. The last few Christmases we have had excellent luck out at Hartland Orchards. It's close to 60 miles from our house, but it's worth the drive. The Hubbin' grew up with an artificial tree, so all of this was new to him.

The kids, on the other hand, embrace the trip:

Cecilia hams for the camera

Luc had trouble walking on the grass, so he got a ride on Daddy's shoulders

It only took eleven Christmases together, but the Hubbin' finally cracks a smile while cutting the tree down

The kids help with the tree cutting

The farm also offers freshly hand dipped caramel apples, which we had to get for the ride home.

For now, our tree is in a bucket of water, outside. We will bring it inside in a day or two, once the rest of the decorations are up, and the boxes put away. More pictures to come!

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