Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I want my MTV

Today, I had to call Comcast Cable Company.  I had been putting it off, because phoning the cable company is like it's own little level of hell.  As we all know, all (800) number calls are routed to one call center. I wanted a cable box for upstairs, so that we could get the Sprout channel for the kids.  I expected to be on hold nothing short of forever, so imagine my delight when my representative picked up with in 30 seconds of placing the call.

Comcast Customer Care Representative:  Goodmorning, thank you for calling Comcast, this is Tim, how can I help you today?
Saki:  Hi, Tim!  Can I call you Tim?
Comcast Customer Care Representative:  Yes Ma'am.
Saki:  Great!  So Tim, this is what I need.  I want to get the sprout channel - I need one of those box thingies, yes?
Tim:  Yes Ma'am.  
Saki:  Okay then.  So how much will that set me back?
Tim:  Well, the normal box is $4 per month, the HD box is $8 per month, and the DVR box is $14 per month
Saki:  Okay, well, it doesn't matter, I want the littlest one you have.
Tim:  They're all the same size, Ma'am.
Saki:  No, they're not.
Tim:  Yes, Ma'am.  They are.
Saki:  But I already have a DVR box downstairs.  And it's big.
Tim:  Yes.
Saki:   . . .
Tim:  . . .
Saki:  So, put me down for one of those little ones.
Tim:  There are no little ones.
Saki:  Yes there are.
Tim:  No, Ma'am.  There are no little ones.
Saki:  Well, I'm from Jersey, and we have little ones there.
Tim:  I know.
Saki:  So, can I get one?
Tim:  No Ma'am.
Saki:  What?
Tim:  . . .
Saki:  I can't have one of the little Jersey boxes?
Tim:  No, Ma'am, it won't work in Virginia.
Saki:  Well, can't you like, order me one?  I go there all the time, I can pick it up.
Tim:  Yes, but it won't work in Virginia
Saki:  But I want one.
Tim:  I'm from Philly.  I want one too.  But you can't have one.  It won't work here.
Saki:  Oh. . .Okay, well, I don't know what to say right now, so I'm going to call you back, Tim.  

What the hell, you guys??  I don't have anywhere to put one of those big boxes!  Remember the days when you could give your cable guy a $20 and get HBO hooked up on the DL? Life should be so simple.  I'd totally slip a $20 to get a hot wired sprout channel!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Find a penny, pick it up...

..and you'll be a penny richer!

I've always been somewhat frugal (Stop your snickering.  I can hear you!  I am frugal, dammit).  I love sales, I love sales when I can combine them with coupons.  I love getting things for free, or close to it, and really, who doesn't?

Newspapers often run a section in the paper for people just like me.  They list things you can do for low or no cost in the general area.  Now, I am in the DC area, not the Boston area, but this might just be incentive to go take a drive up 95.  

Oh yes, kids, that is our beloved Mike right there.  Not only is Mike something to do for under $25, Boston.com has him listed as free.  

Get him while he's hot, ladies!