Thursday, April 07, 2005

Well, here I am, welcoming myself back into the world of online journaling. Not that anyone will read it - and to be honest, it kind of bugs me out that people read my diary. Kinda like when mom finds the diary under the matress...but without the grounding.

Getting settled in VA. It's so different here. A totally different mentality. I miss the beach. I miss beach kids. Beach kids in their flip flops, with salt crusted curls in their hair, and sand between their toes. I miss the laid back atmosphere. I really miss the summer.

Not that Virginia is bad. These cherry trees kind of have this thing going for them. There's a giant cherry tree outside our dining room (ha!) window. It's nice, like a big ball of cotton candy, but better smelling. When the wind blows, it makes it snow pink. I can't think of anything more fabulous. Except, maybe, for the things I miss as stated above.

I had surgery yesterday. It hurts like a mofo. I also got a stern talking to from a doughy little woman. "Pale is pretty," she said. Mmhm...if you're a cockatiel...or a marshmallow. And i don't aspire to be either, now please pass me the tanning oil.

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