Monday, April 18, 2005

In which I hang my head in shame

The time has come for me to admit something....I suppose I've known it for a while, but I've just been in denial. Here goes:

I am a bad driver.

There. I said it.

Today, while on my way to see the vacuum cleaner fix-it guy, I sat at a red light fidgeting with my iPod; all I wanted to do was hear Bruce belt out "badlands", that's not too much to ask, is it? Well, the light turned green, and I gently pressed the gas, one hand on the wheel, the other on scrolling the 'pod, eyes no where near the road. Up and over the curb I went. Thump. THUMP. Down the curb i went, still half holding the wheel.

With badlands blasting out of my radio, I tried to settle the iPod into my little iPod holder, but dropped it on the floor. Again, one hand on the wheel, the other frantically searching the floor for my iPod. Coming up victorious, I realized I was half between lanes, and swerved back into my original lane to the tune of the SUV behind me honking it's horn.

Faster than I could stick my middle finger out the sunroof, it hit me. I am in fact, a bad driver. I am the driver that I complain to other drivers about. I am the one on my cell phone. I am the one more interested in the iPod that the steering wheel. I am the one who slams on her breaks for no apparent reason. I am the one who sits at a light for 30 seconds after it has turned green because I forgot I was driving.

I am a bad driver.

For shame, Casey, for shame.


lauren e said...

we should form a "crappy drivers anonymous" club when i get my car in a couple of weeks. weekly support meetings and keychains and such, it'll be great.

oops - guess we're not so anonymous anymore, hm?


Saki said...

It's okay, we'll wear dark glasses and change our names. You can be Nerual, and I'll be Yesac, no one will suspect.