Friday, April 22, 2005

Too Much Info

Name three unique sounds you hear everyday- The squeal of the fishtank bubbler, The dog snorting, My Material Girl cell phone ringer

You get out of bed in the morning. What’s the very first thing you do- Stretch

What was the last meal you ate- Chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese. Total comfort.

What’s the latest album in your collection? I haven't bought a CD in forever. But I did just pirate Me-n-Julio off of Acquisition

What were you doing exactly 10 minutes ago? Thinking about three unique sounds I hear everyday

After you finish this survey, what will you do? Go to sleep. Pathetic

What’s your favorite pun? Ghandi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, and this produced an impressive set of callouses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail. Finally, with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath.....In other words: A Super-Calloused-Fragile-Mystic-Hexxed-by-Halitosis. Yuckyuck

What’s the most common thing someone says to you when you tell them your major/what you do for a living - OOHH!! English!! Gonna teach?!?!

What’s the one food that people claim to love and, for the life of you, you can’t understand why- Hummus. Ew.

Which cancelled TV show would you most like to see reinstated- Golden Girls

What’s the most fun thing to do on a leather couch- Anything except sit on it for a long period of time in shorts. ouch..

You can make one item of clothing illegal. What would you ban- Men's Loafers with those stupid tassles on them..That's shoes, but it's my blog, and I say it's an acceptable answer.

You’re a circus performer. What kind- The lady with the pretty feathers and sparkly outfit that rides the white horse. Or, if it's a carnival, I'll be the fortune teller.

You can be a guest on any TV show. Which one and why- Ellen, I'd love to dance thru the intro with her

Describe the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a stranger- Well, once i saw a car on a hot summer's a parking lot of a restaurant, with two muzzled greyhounds inside. The windows were cracked about an inch...I said loudly to my father "UGH! What kind of JACKASS leaves their dogs in the car to go have lunch? I mean REALLY?!" The man walking behind me cleared his throat and loudly said "THIS Jackass" Whoops. I almost felt bad. Almost.

Which one is longer: your big toe or your second toe- My second toe.

Which finger do you think is the most dispensable- Pinky, i guess. But I like all my fingers. I almost decided my middle finger was the most dispensible. WHAT was i THINKING???

What normal bodily function do you find most interesting- Laughs. Everyone has such a different laugh. And they're so contagious

Which activity could you go without for the longest: showering, brushing your teeth, or shaving- Shaving...But not for too long

In the movie about your life, what song is playing during the credits- Desperado

What’s one song you want played at your funeral- Iris

What’s the last sentence in your favorite book- "Then, with a profound and deeply willed desire to beleive, to be heard, she said the necessary prayers for the soul of Micheal Corleone."

List three items you would have buried with you when you die- My wedding ring, A Picture of My Family, and my rosary

Who would you most like to haunt as a ghost- My husband :)

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Anonymous said...

That was a lame survey. But your answers were pretty good. Bravo.