Sunday, April 10, 2005

...And also with you...

Went to church today with Lupus. The Italian Deacon presided, which makes it really hard to pay attention to church. Anyway, this is my beef with church. You sit in church with at least 500 other people, you welcome one another in with smiles and hellos, you take communion with them, then, you shake their hand, smile, and tell them "peace be with you." When, what you really mean is "peace be with you until we get out in the parking lot, and then you're on you're own, asswipe."

Why is it that church parking lots become so insane. It's worse than the beach traffic in summer. It's worse than mall traffic at Christmas. It's asinine. A parking lot filled with holier-than-thou's scrambling to get the eff out of there, having fulfilled their weekly social obligation. Would it kill you to stay and listen to the last song? It just might.

People shoving themselves against the church doors the second they hear the words "go in peace." It's like the way words gush out of a fool's mouth.

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