Saturday, November 07, 2009

'Tis the Season

Even though Thanksgiving is almost three weeks away, stores are already pulling out all the stops, and sending holiday fliers in the mail, and tucking them into my Washington Post. We got a pretty hefty catalogue from Target the other day, filled with nothing but toys, toys, toys.

This is the first year that Cecilia is really understanding Santa Claus, so I handed her the catalogue and a marker and told her to circle things that she might like to ask Santa for this year. She sat at the kitchen table, intent in her work while I made dinner. As dinner was ready to be set on the table, the conversation went as such:

Saki: Sissy, put your stuff away, dinner is ready. You can finish after you eat.
Cecilia: Just a second Mommy, I'm still circling my Toy Menu.
Saki: Your what?
Cecilia, holding up the catalogue: My Toy Menu.

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