Friday, November 06, 2009


November is National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo for short. The goal is to crank out 50,000 words (175 pages) between November 1st and midnight on November 30th. It's a race against yourself, valuing quantity over quality to get over your writers block, and get the creativity flowing. NaNo'ers spend hours, daily pecking out their novels.

Since I have two small children, I have exactly 48 free seconds every day* and therefore have decided against participating in NaNoWriMo. However, since I'm with my NaNo'ing friends in spirit, I've made November my own personal NaBloWriMo. (National Blog Writing Month, obviously.) And I hereby vow to make a blog post every day in the month of November**

So prepare yourselves, internets, you'll be hearing a lot from me this month.

* I'm currently writing this post from the shower, where I'm washing not only myself, but the lunch dishes.

** I know I've already missed a day. I will make up for it with two posts one day soon. Stop being so nitpicky, BlogFans.

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