Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Speaking of Fall...

Lucas took an epic fall this weekend. He's 14 months, and refuses to walk. He can walk, if he had a desire to, but to be honest, homeslice is scared of falling. We have 542 toys to encourage walking, and he'll pull himself up on one, but the second he realizes that it moves, his legs shake so hard that his knees knock.

We were outside this weekend, a few kids from the block were over playing with Cecilia outside while we raked and did general fall yard clean up. Lucas was miffed because he was too small for the bounce house, too small for the car, and no one wanted to play blocks with him. He was crawling around, looking for something to do, when he missed a step on the patio, and did a faceplant onto the concrete.

His lips hurt real bad.


:lauren: said...


Lisa said...

could he be any cuter? Hope his lips are all better soon.

the napoleon dynamite comment had me laughing.