Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have this really awful habit of dropping my laptop.

I don't mean "drop" as in 'Oops, it slid off my lap and onto the couch.'

I mean "drop" as in "Oops I knocked it off of that 5' tall armoir." or "Oh no, there it goes down the steps."

Luckily for me, my husband had the forsight to buy AppleCare with my laptop, and they don't seem to care thar every few months I show up with a cracked case. They just take it and give me a new one the next day. All in all. it's a pretty sweet deal.

Yesterday, though, after falling off my bed for the 1,345,801 time since I've had it, the internets stop working (*gasp* Not the internets! Anything but that!) So, I didn't get in my daily BloMo post, which was probably just as well, since I had nothing to talk about anyway. So now I owe you two days of double posts. Try to contain your enthusiasm. No, really, Blogfans, you're causing a scene.

Not to cut this short, but I'm using the Hubbin's fancypants Macbook Pro, and he gets nervous when I'm using it. I can't imagine why.

Until tomorrow. . .

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