Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Again, I wait.

I'm so over this house hunting process. So very over it. The hunting part is fun - the wait to see if the hunt was a success is another story.

We are supposed to hear back today. I've been trying to keep myself busy doing menial little chores around the house.

The chores included washing Guido. He was overdue for a bath, and getting quite ripe. However, we were out of his normal shampoo...The special oatmeal-infused-super-expensive-wonderful for his skin shampoo, so he got a combo of Evan's Balsam and Protein shampoo, and my Tressemme conditioner.

He is now silky soft and smelling like a girl.

I have a feeling he won't be talking to me for a while. But that's fine, at least he doesn't smell like a sock anymore.


lauren e said...

ooo la la, guido! ;)

are your eyeballs still burning from behind, girl? i tell you, cleaning is bad news. god made dirt and dirt dont hurt, in my opinion.

Saki said...

God also made e. coli :)