Tuesday, June 14, 2005

At the risk of sounding angry

and therefor scaring away my beloved blog readers, I am about to post a not nice blog.

So, if you are looking to read about fluffy clouds, rainbows, puppies, or smiling babies, please take your blog reading elsewhere. Having said that, let us gleefully proceed into my rant, shall we? We Shall:

If it is your job to spend other people's money, then please, do your god damn job correctly. Truly, is it so hard for you to double check your calculator? Is that THAT difficult for you to say "I'm not competent enough to do this for you, please hold on, and I will get my manager." Really, you didn't even have to say please. "Let me get my manager," would be sufficient.

Instead, I am left speaking with what sounds like Napoleon Dynamite on the other end of the phone. He can't do his job for shit, but it's okay, because he's pretty good with a bo staff.

So, essentially...We. Are. Fucked.

We have an accepted contract that we don't have the means to back up.

Because some punk kid on the other end of the phone can't crunch the numbers. Even though that is his sole purpose in life.

Yes, totally and completely, 100%, most assuredly



lauren e said...

you are not fucked. certainly and most definitely not.

maybe theres like a buttload of gangs at the mortgage place or something. violence breeds ignorance, you know.

Saki said...

Maybe there's excessive amounts of power lines running over it...Or there's a nuclear plant upstream.

And really, if they don't shape up, ignorance is gonna bring on a whole buncha violence.

Am I too scary if I say violence? ;)