Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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Dear Lauren,

I have your iPod. I am holding it hostage until you meet my demands. Please note that I verify my claims by the photo to the right of this blog. Take note of the date on the paper. Time is running out on the 'pod, Lauren. I demand the sum of one gajillion dollars in small (5's and 1's, so as not to tip anyone off) unmarked bills. Place the gajillion dollars in the basket I will hang off of my balcony no later than Tuesday of next week. Wednesday, if you're super busy. Also, in addition to the gajillion dollars, I would like some cookies. Thank you and goodnight.

Your iPod Stealing Friend


lauren e said...

perhaps this would have been more effective had i not lost my wallet last night. now i REALLY have no money. ;)

and you KNOW i cant read the date on that paper.

(((((my girl)))))
thank you for making me smile today. i definitely needed it.

katy said...

hi casey,
you don't know me but i'm lauren's friend katy. thank you for taking good care of my girl. i hope to meet you soon; i've heard lots of wonderful things about you. :)


lauren e said...

stop hiding. i know where you live, so it cant last long....

come out, come out wherever you are....

LSz said...

lol, cute.. i never think about cookies as ransom, thanks for the idea.