Tuesday, May 24, 2005

OO00oohh, they have the internet on computers now!

Some people should not be allowed to have internet access, because once granted access, they create god-awful websites filled with yabbering BS about their own psychotropic drug induced hallucinations (respectfully hold your tongues, please).

Bat. Shit. Crazy. There's my daily nod to Mike in the dialect.

For those of you who don't have time to peruse the entire article, it's a disseration of sorts about a majestic breed of people who lived like moles inside the Earth in such peace and harmony that everything was perfect. No fighting, no killing, just love. And darkness. And I'd imagine a fair amount of mold.

Seriously though. "These people lived underground 12,000 years ago, but no remains have been found because scientists were too stupid to see them right there in the middle of Northern California." Riiiiiiiight. "We kill animals and plants for our own consumption, never stopping to think of their potential role, or how wrong the killing of these innocent plants and animals is" Uh huh. Because if we don't eat plants, or animals, we would survive on......?

On this website, there is an artist's rendition of The High Prince of whatever they beleive, surrounded in an ethereal light and a Mona Lisa smile. Really, though, he looks like Kato Kalin. Now THERE'S something to be proud of.

This underworld population claims to monitor the "Love and Light" quotient of the surface people, and pegs us (and I use that term loosely) to be at about 65% love and light. Which, I guess, makes the other 34% fire and brimstone? Anyway. Maybe those northern Californians are sporting a hot 65. I think that the East Coast is hovering more like 25%, if you subtract the Carolinas.

And so, this nutjob who channels the spirit of these people who live in the Earth is saying that we're doing it all wrong. "Hello, People of Upper Earth? Yeah, It's me, YOU SUCK. I live in peace and love. Come to the dark side, Er, Light side, my side. And send a donation!"

100% Bat.Shit.Crazy.

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Mike said...

Oh I got you beat. Some lady came to my school to speak and in the course of her speech, which was VERY boring, she claimed that a long time ago, human beings had two heads, not one, and that's where the saying two heads are better than one came from.