Monday, May 23, 2005

I want...

- A 3 bedroom townhome in a nice area with a little yard for Guido
- It to cost under $350,000
- A puppy
- A lucrative writing job
- Any writing job
- To be done school
- My frog to stop eating my fish
- My husband to stop eating my cookies
- My mom's calzone recipe
- My mom to be well again
- One day where none of the phones I come in contact with to ring
- My iMail program to send outgoing mail without a song and dance
- To be friends with Cher
- To smell the ocean from my window
- A braid of fresh mozzerella from Vito's in Hoboken
- a TiVo. A REAL TiVo
- To win the lottery
- The burberry hat in Neiman Marcus
- An Oompa Loompa noooooooooow
- A shower head that doesn't just dribble water on your head while you're getting clean
- To make scarecrows of the children who live beneath us
- To like the taste of lobster, flounder, and shellfish
- To do away with Maryland, and most of its licensed (and those who aren't) drivers
- To be a princess
- To be a mommy
- To be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am

I want. I want. I want.


Mike said...

I'd create a I want list of my own, but it'd just make me look really really pathetic. : (

lauren e said...

whats wrong with that smashing Tivo evan so painstakingly crafted with his BARE HANDS? hm??

Saki said...

Oh, it would be a fiiiiiiiine TiVo if it worked like it was supposed to. You know, like if it turned on when you pushed power? Instead to turn it on, you have to spin around in counter clockwise circles, saying the hail mary backwards with a cup and saucer on your head.

lauren e said...

dont forget the grass skirt dance i had to do last time....

...wait a sec, that WAS just to make the tivo work, right?

Anonymous said...

You all suck