Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Excuse me while I vomit

This disgusts me. It makes me physically ill.

I'm (surprisingly) for animal research and testing for legitimate reasons. Animal research has helped us develop cures for diseases, physical ailments and has let us know more about the progression of the natural body. If a few rats have to die to develop the cure for AIDS, or for breast cancer or ALS, then I'm very sorry, but so be it. It's one of those sad truths. I don't like it, I could never be the one to do the research, but, I see it's importance, and it needs to be done.

On the flip side, animal testing for cosmetics is horseshit. I see no need to subject animals to burning acids and chemical peels so my hair can be a little shinier, or so that my lipstick will last "8 hours longer, and won't rub off on him!" Puke.

These People have made a mockery of medical research. Under the guise of life saving research, this company has deliberately and intentionally caused unnecessary physical harm to these animals.

This is directly from their website:

1. We will treat animals in our care with respect. We honor the contribution that animals in our care make to lifesaving advances and will treat these animals with the respect that they deserve.

2. We will strictly follow all applicable laws and regulations for animal treatment.

3. We will employ alternative scientific methods to animal use where appropriate under applicable regulation and scientific validity.

4. We will minimize animal discomfort. We will work, consistent with the study protocol and good science, to reduce discomfort or stress to animals in our care.

5. We will take steps to ensure that our employees and processes meet these standards. We will train Covance employees who handle animals on proper procedures and techniques and will apply appropriate controls to ensure that these procedures and techniques and this Code of Respect are followed. We will encourage employees to report any misconduct or failure to adhere to this Code of Respect.

6. If we learn that we or any of our employees have failed to follow this Code of Respect, we will take appropriate remedial and disciplinary action.

Lying bastards. I'm writing them a letter. You should too.

Covance Inc.
210 Carnegie Center
Princeton, New Jersey


lauren e said...

i have no words for this. but i feel ill.

dammit. this is the second time this has happened. where are my words?????

Saki said...

Your words are in my angry letter. I stole them and I'm not giving them back. Muahahahaha

lauren e said...

dammit, i should have known...

word stealer!

Slink said...

:( TOTALLY with you on this one. We wrote to a british company here who were harming animals for research into dog food.. yeah fucked up. We got a load of crap back about their so called 'policies' into humane treatment. All bullshit.