Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I would do anything for love...But I won't do that.

Late Saturday night, our friend Stevie was in an accident. A bad one. She was riding onthe back of her boyfriend's motorcycle, coming up on a toll plaza, when they were cut off. The motorcycle hit the lane dividers and Stevie was thrown off the bike.

And then hit by a car.

Every bone in both legs is broken. So his her pelvis. And elbow. Her face and bare belly skidded along the asphault.

Stevie is 17.

She'll be alright, eventually. She's a tough kid, but that's about enough to make anybody break. Her boyfriend walked away with skinned knees and palms. Makes me wonder if he'll be there for the next year of her recovery. If he'll be there for the tears, and the pain. He's young too, from what I gather. I wonder if he'll be able to look past the injuries to her face and body. I wonder if he'll love limping scarred 18 year old Stevie and much as he loved pretty 17 year old Stevie. I hope so. For both of them.

It reminds me of Candice Bendek Her husband is still by her side, and such support.

And while you're praying for Candice, make sure you throw one in for Stevie too.

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lauren e said...

that is so sad....they are all in my prayers.

i read about candice - oh my god, i cant believe she survived that accident. her husband is amazing. it makes my heart break for terri schiavo and her family...what a hard mothers day this must have been for her mom.