Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So I married a geek.

And not a very funny one, at that.

Setting:  Our bedroom, just before bed.

Saki, glancing at the cup of water on the nightstand:  How old is that water?
The Hubbin':  Old.
Saki:  No, really.  Is it old water, or fresh water?
The Hubbin', clearly annoyed by the prospect of trekking to the kitchen for "fresh water":  Do you think the water in the fridge is "fresh" water?  Do you think when you press that magic little button inside the refrigerator it hydrogenizes the oxygen molecules and forms your "fresh" water.  ALL WATER is old water.  By like, a million years.   Just drink this water.
Saki:  You are a geek.  Can I have new water now?  


lauren e said...

did hubs really say the word "hydrogenizes"?


Saki said...

Oh yes. Yes he did.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't surprise me at all.

And yes, I do think the "magic button" makes me "fresh" water....so there!