Monday, January 30, 2006

Why I love my Husband

Today, not one, not two, not three, but seven people asked me when I was due. And then they followed my "May 5th" with another glance at the belly and an "oh."

Tonight, when Evan called, I was still grumpy over this, and I asked how his boss was looking, and this is what came from it.

Me: Is your boss huge yet?
Evan: Yes
Me: Really?
Evan: Yeah, like a balloon
Me: What kind of balloon? Mylar, latex, water, what?
Evan: A zeppelin.


I love that man.

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panamenya said...

cerelac here. Love your blog.

I'm not sure if this entry is about you being "too big" or "too small" belly-wise, but I have gotten similar comments.

I'm only four months now, but I'm huge. My spring break is this coming week, and a guy asked me, "What are you doing for spring break?" I was about to answer, when he answered his own question, "Oh, I guess you're having a baby." I was aghast and quickly told him, "NO! I will continue to gestate through spring break and beyond because I'm due in AUGUST."

Last month I was at a party and an old lady said, "Looks like you're due pretty soon." I had to correct her, and she also did the little, "Oh" followed by an awkward silence.

So yeah. I sympathize. Sorry for hijacking your blog. :)