Friday, January 13, 2006

On shopping with a pregnant woman

This evening, Evan and I ventured to the local grocery store, as last night we did the fridge clean out, and were left with a jar of jelly a mostly eaten jar of cinnamon applesauce, and one egg.

We arrived at the store a little before 8pm, hoping to avoid the families of screaming children who inevitably stalk the aisles on weekends waiting to wail in my ear. We started in the fruit section, where I proceeded to put on of everything in the cart. Sometimes more. Apples, grapes, cherries, oranges, kiwi's, green beans, 3 kinds of potatoes, 4 bagged salads...and that was just in the first four minutes of being in the store.

Evan slowly pushed the cart behind my rapidly expanding self, and silently put two of everything I pointed at into the basket. He looked the other way when I ate a raw green bean to see if it was good, and then ate two more, because they were, in fact, good. He touched all of the packages of beef up for approval while i held my shirtsleeve over my nose to keep from gagging. He put four cans of my favorite soup in the basket without me even asking. He scaled the wall of sodas to get me Canada Dry gingerale, since I deemed Seagrams to be unacceptably bitter.

For over two hours we wandered the aisles, our cart overflowing, and the bottom tray completely stuffed full of items. I mused, mostly to myself, about how delicious the things I picked out looked, and I gagged as Evan suggested something other than what I had put in the basket.

By the end of our journey, I'm pretty sure he had a light sweat on his brow from pushing the bounty that was our cart. The total was almost $175.00 for two people. And I'm 99% sure that I didn't pick up one complete meal.

And I'm 100% sure that by tomorrow morning, there won't be anything that I want to eat in the house.

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lauren e said...

oh good lord. good to hear that evan stopped you short of the blue and yellow cherries for your pina coladas. :) 2 HOURS in the grocery store??? you're a nut! and then we wonder why we can't fit anything in your kitchen cabinets...