Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tiki Tales

Tiki Tales
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As you may have heard, Lauren had a creepy bug on her porch, that she insisted was "cute." But she is wrong. no bug is cute.


She emailed me a picture of this "cute" bug, which looked just like a Tiki Mask. Despite my valiant efforts to describe WHY it looked like a Tiki Mask (as if it wasn't obvious enough) she still didn't quite see it. So I drew her a picture.

As clearly demonstrated by my stupendous artistic ability - her bug does, in fact, look just like a Tiki.

Don't you agree?

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lauren e said...

COOLEST BUG EVER! pictures i sent you really didnt do him justice.

i am at a loss as to why you didn't go to art school, by the way. the world is really a sadder place without a saki gallery. ;) i suppose a blog will just have to do...