Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am he and you as he as you are me.

24 weeks. More than halfway there.

I can't believe how big I look in pictures. In real life. In general.

Evan's boss is due the same day as me (and set to deliver at the same hospital with the same doctor - I'm pretty sure that I could take her out, if, well, if push comes to shove, and we had to fight over which of us gets to deliver first) Anyway, I always ask him how she looks.

"Does she look pregnant?"

"How is she carrying?"

"Is she bigger than me?"

Now, as any man knows...there is no correct answer to the last question. If he says yes, it implies that he thinks I am big. If he says no, then it really implies that he thinks i'm big - possibly the biggest thing he's ever seen. And so, he usually hangs his head and pretends to be gravely busy in whatever activity he was currently doing, such as pulling fuzz from the quilt, or studying the newest stain on the carpet.

I made the passing comment that I feel like a walrus. And now the Beatles song has been hovering around our house for about a week now.

GooGoo GaJoob, kids.


Slink said...

(((bellyhugs))) :D

lauren e said...

you are BEAUTIFUL! both of you. :) You don't look big, my just look, well, pregnant. lol.

I can't wait for may. what a great month we will have. I should start sewing the mini patchwork clothes now just to torchure evan (since, really, what's more fun than tourchuring evan?).

love you!

Luker said...

Hey Casey, I hope you are doing well. From the looks of your picture I would say you definitley are.

Evan should know that the correct answer to that question is; no I don't think you look big at all, in fact I wish you were bigger so there would be more of you to love :)

I have been denied access to my previous blog; Current events from the cave. So I have created a new blog; Current events from the shore. I hope it is as insightful and witty as my previous one. Just joking I doubt my last one was either of those things. But regardless I hope you enjoy.