Monday, January 09, 2006

An Ode to my Car

My car's a big piece of shit
'Cause the shocks are effin shot.
And my seatbelt's effin broken
I've got to tie it in a knot.

I can't see through the windshield
'Cause it's got a big fat crack
And the interior smells real bad
'Cause my friend puked in the back

I've got no effin brakes
I'm always way out of control
Eleven times a day I hear
"Hey! Watch it asshole!"

It's got no CD player
It only has an 8-track
Whoever designed my car
Can lick a sweaty nutsack
(they can bite my ass too)

Piece of shit car
I've got a piece of shit car
Effin pile of shit
Never gets me very far

What did I do?
Oh what did I do
To get stuck with you
You're too wide for drive through
And you smell like a shoe
But i'm too broke to buy something new.


lauren e said...

"You're too wide for drive through"

ah, buick life... seriously, though, i think it should be a present to you know who. for all the nice things shes ever done for you. ;)

pookie said...

that is, quite possibly, the best thing i've read all day.

mad props, casey.

and a belated thanks for the christmas card!!! (i am too slow even by sloth standards)