Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Potomac News and Messenger is undoubtedly one of the worst papers I have ever read. We cancelled our subscription not long after moving here, due to the fact that not one line in the entire newspaper was devoted to anything other than local news. No wars, no California wildfires, no international relations...If it didn't happen in Prince William County, it didn't happen.

However, being somewhat of a news junkie, I do appreciate my local news, which the Washington Post just glosses over. Not as interesting as DC, not as rough as Prince George, not as wealthy as Fairfax, not as gangsta as Arlington. Prince William County is a minute blip in the Post's radar. So i've taken to reading Potomac News online. I particularly enjoy the police blotter, and really, who doesn't?

So today, after my daily dose of police drama, I came across this article, about the recent Phish concert.

COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) — Call it shooting Phish in a barrel.

Howard County police say they made 31 arrests at a Phish concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion over the weekend, most of them for drug possession.

Among those charged were four men police say were selling drugs out of a recreational vehicle. Police seized the RV along with marijuana and $12,000 in cash.

Three other people were arrested on drug dealing charges, while 20 were charged with possession. Two were charged with second-degree assault on a police officer and two with trespassing.

Police spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn says more than 20,000 people attended the show and there was a strong police presence, including some officers who worked undercover.

Pot smoking is common at Phish shows.


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