Sunday, April 20, 2008

How I spent my Sunday afternoon

It was a rainy chilly day today. Not even a brief pause in the rain to go outside resulted in quite a rammy child. She had been getting into things all day, partly because she's two, mostly because she was bored of being pent up in the house.

So this is what happened. I was making the bed, Evan was in the other room, and Cecilia was in her room playing doll house. I saw her go down the hall towards where Evan was, and figured she was going to see him, when I heard a door close and the click of the lock. She was locked into the bathroom.

It's a pushbutton lock, where if you turn the handle from the inside, it will pop open. Or you can put something slender into the hole on the outside and that will also pop it open. But it's an old house, and an equally old knob, and it just wasn't giving it up.

We pulled the face plate off, but couldn't to the guts of the knob because it didn't come out far enough, we tried sticking a skinny chisel into the hole and hitting it with a hammer, but no dice there, either.

We tried coaxing her into turning the knob herself, Evan had her convinced he'd give her chocolate if she opened the door. We spent a good 25 minutes trying to stick things into the handle, or get her to open it from her side, but we weren't getting anywhere.

Eventually, we hit the door and the knob with a hammer until the handle broke and slid out far enough for us to do something with it.

And this is what we found on the other side:

Cecilia, as The Crow:


amanda said...

She's soo cute. I love the videos.

Lindsay said...

OMG, so hilarious. "Cecelia, can you turn the knob for Mommy?" "NO!" I suppose this is what I have to look forward to, eh?