Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I think I might have a situation...

..Or something.

I have this aloe plant, it's HUGE. We call it KingKong Aloe:

Ignore the mess.

Anyway, so KingKong Aloe grows at an alarming rate. To give you an idea, it's in a 16" pot, and the window behind it is a little over 5' It's a big frickin' plant. It has baby aloes all the time, they start to grow out of the roots in the pot, and look just like the big one, but smaller. I take them out and give them to neighbors, and everyone on the block has an aloe now.

So when I was watering it on Saturday, I noticed it was growing...something. Right from the middle of the stalk, it looks like...I don't know. A plant head. There, I said it, it looks like a plant head.

All i can think of is this:

Like I'm going to wake up one morning and the dog will be missing, and KingKong Aloe will have fur around the pot, and will be all like FEED ME, SAKI!


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