Thursday, April 10, 2008

The beginning of the end

Since it's getting to be fairly warm on a regular basis here in the swamp, I decided that it's about time to take Cecilia shopping for some summer sandals. Okay, okay, the buy one, get one half off coupon for stride rite had something to do with it, but i digress. I approached Cecilia on the matter this morning, as she was licking the remnants of her cinnamon bun off her fingers and watching Sesame Street.

Saki: Cecilia, how about we get cleaned up and dressed and we'll go shopping?

Cecilia, plucking a frosting coated finger from her mouth with an audible pop: Shoppin'?

Saki: Ya, we'll drive up to the mall with the merry-go-round inside, and we'll buy you some new shoes

Cecilia: Shoe SHOPPIN'?!?!

*she hops off the couch and dances in circles while making up the following song*

Shoppin' shoppin' shoppin'
shoppin' YEAH!

Man, my husband and his wallet are in SO much trouble. Let's get some shoes.


lauren e said...


If there was any doubt that she was both

A. Your daughter, and
B. A girl

we now have proper evidence to prove otherwise. Too funny, that one!

Erica said...

That's hysterical! She's so funny (and such a girl). What kind of shoes did you end up buying?

My 2 year old son, by contrast, was really upset when I took him shoe shopping last. He was so upset that he's been completely boycotting his new shoes.

(Oh and hi :) It's Erica - aka Inspired)