Sunday, May 04, 2008

And the award for "best advice of the day"

Goes to Lauren and Josh.

Last Sunday was Cecilia's 2nd birthday party. It was smallish, family, close friends and neighbors, but we had a lot of fun - it was good company.

Cecilia wore the dress that she picked out herself. Personally, i think it's the ugliest dress I've ever seen...something akin to a bridesmaid horror story. Hot pink taffeta everywhere. But she loved it, and so it was.

The theme, naturally, was "Melmo," complete with elmo decorations, elmo balloons, and elmo on the cake:

Once she got the hang of it, she was all about the presents. Being two is particularly awesome, because everyone gives you cool stuff, like fun clothes, bad ass books, a bounce house, and ball pit

But her favorite of all was the bubble maker. This is where Lauren and Josh completely rocked my socks that day. After opening the presents, we decided it would be super fun to fire up the bubble machine. We had opened gifts in the dining room, as it was chilly and kind of damp outside, so I said we might as well just play bubbles inside. Lauren because slightly distraught and pointed out that outside was just a few steps away, right through the door, and if it started to really rain, we could just come back in. "It does say "Gagillion" on it" Josh chimed in. So outside we went. And thank god.

When they said "over 5,000 bubbles per minute!" they weren't kidding. Bubbles EVERYWHERE

Bet you're jealous that YOU don't have a bubble making machine!


Anonymous said...

You know, although obnoxiously bright, the dress itself isn't TOO bad....mayhaps it helps that you have the cutest child on the face of the planet...but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOODNESS for the wisdom of Lauren . . . though . . . bubbles in the house would have also made an interesting entry . . . ;)


amanda said...

Good luck with the bubble machine! Lol. It's so cute that she dressed herself. I don't think the dress is horrible. At least when she is older and sees pictures, you can tell her she picked it herself!

lauren e said...

hopefully i don't lose points with this small opinion - but really, i sort of loved that dress. i have the ultimate respect for a fabric that withstands a two year olds fingers covered in orange icing....after touching her sides a few times and leaving no trace of neon orange sugar, i was amazed and impressed. and secretly wondering how i could get away with wearing it on my own birthday.

also, cecilia could look cute in anything, i happen to think. ;) it was a wonderful afternoon - go glad we could share it with you!

also? i need a bubble machine. too fun. :)