Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To the BatCave, part deux

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Meet Merv.

Merv is our bat. We found him poking his head out of the wall when we returned home from Thanksgiving. He's been here since at least Sunday, sleeping in our wall/ceiling. Every once in a while we'd hear his little bat cries and rustle of wings. He's cute, in a winged rabies carrying rodent kind of way.

He came out tonight, and after a quick jaunt around the house, made himself at home on the centrail air vent in the dining room.

Evan, being the super brave husband that he is, poked Merv with a broom, and promptly set him off on a crooked haphazard flight around the house.

He eventually grew tired of the us-chasing-him-with-a-broom-while-cloaked-in-blankets-game, and flew out the front door.

This winter, we'll construct a bathouse, so Merv can have his own home, and we won't have to share ours.

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Slink said...

:-D *waves to Merv* Love him!