Monday, November 14, 2005

Just to give you the heads up...

I'm going to be a bajillionaire.

Really soon.

Like Tuesday.

Because you see, kids, I'm going to win the mega-millions lottery. Yes, you heard me correctly. I am going to WIN. With the ticket I haven't purchased yet.

And then, I'm going to buy a plethora of useless things. Two of some, but in different colors. And one pair of every shoes that Jimmy Choo has ever designed. EVER.

And don't worry, faithful blog readers, I won't forget about you when I win. I'm generous like that.

If I was a rich girl....All day long I'd bittbittybum...If I was a wealthy girl...


lauren e said...

i dont know who jimmy choo is but i think i want some, too.

if you win can i finally get my tree house? ooo - and maybe a dishwasher that doesnt drain water all over my floor? ;)

man...can you imahine how martha we would go on your house if you won the lottery? (le sigh)

Saki said...

And your house too :) We'll make your balcony a nice grassy garden. Never doubt the things a bajillion dollars can do.

OH!!! A DISHWASHER! I'm going to get two, one for each of us. And they'll work like whoa.

lauren e said...

frightening, maybe, that one of the first things we think of buying is a dishwasher.

perhaps we need to get out more.

Saki said...

In all honesty, we decided on a tree house, and jimmy choo shoes first.

And you know...After giving it much more thought, we won't need dishwashers, because we'll have maids.

lauren e said...

swwet. and just to break out of gender roles while we're at it, i request that my maid be a man.

more specifically, a man who likes cats, preferably mine. i dont get along well with people who don't like lily.

Saki said...

A man who likes cats and is gorgeous?

Check and check.

lauren e said...

no, i dont really care what he looks like, so long as he doesnt smell like a dirty head and likes tigerlily.

let's list of demands would go something like:
-my laundry
-go buy me candles and nag champa and light it obsessively so i dont have to
-my bills
-grocery shopping
-keeping my plants alive
-my buick maintenance
-cutting coupons (since we must always strive to be thrifty)
-watching for yarn/shoe sales
-making me cookies

im not that high maintenance with a list like that, am i? ;)

lauren e said...

cool whip was right, by the way....we really do just have these blogs for each other... :)

Luker said...

Casey, when you become a bajillionare will you buy me a new truck. Then I could help you move new furniture into your new mansion.

lauren e said...

can't we all have mansions?

i'll make my manly maid move the furniture for us, luke, while we "supervise", drink slurpees and comment on how miserably hot it is on our tropical island.

not that i have given much thought to this or anything.