Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why I Love Lauren

#10- She knows the correct response to "I'm Le Tired"

#9- She doesn't bat an eye as I mutter "aw, shit.." and pass her my looped up knitting

#8- She thinks the phrase "Do you know what that sound is, Highness?" is just as funny as I do

#7- She knows how to make really witty cracks about republicans

#6- She lets my dog love her and show her all his toys (even if she is a cookie hoarde)

#5- She makes fun of my husband more than I do

#4- We share the same distaste for the same types of people - creates very fun bitchfests

#3- She never met a slurpee she didn't like

#2- She promptly declares anyone giving me a hard time a "No talent ass clown" and writes them off

#1- She's always there for me, and makes me smile when the last thing on my mind is smiling :)


lauren e said...


i love you, girl. :) thank goodness for us. ((((((((saki))))))))

and thank goodness for knitting bitchfests, too.

Mike said...

Mike <3's Lauren

lauren e said...

what? you "three" me?

just kidding. ;)

Saki said...

wtf mike? You never give me lovin' anymore...AND, it's been like months since you less than three'd me. :)

Mike said...

She's cuter than you are, what can I say?

Saki said...

MIKE DAO! Don't be an ass!

Mike said...

I am not being an ass!

lauren e said...

well, i AM pretty cute. ;)

i've been known to turn quite a few men into assholes in my day.

LittleGyrlLost said...
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