Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ya know what I hate?

Commence Rant.

Really obnoxious comments.

The ones where "anonymous" says:

Hey! You have a great blog here! You should check out my blog about Social Security Income in the Country of Tibet, Collected By Locals with 3 Legs and a Goat who is Disabled! I'm going to bookmark your blog now! ok, Bye!

Seriously. WTF. Get a grip. Get a life.

In that order.

Oh, and another thing....You totally aren't "anonymous" when you sign your god damn name at the bottom.

End Rant.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bay Area Blog Pulse
The Gavster strikes a humble pose at the Alice Griffith housing development. If you love Arnie, throw a 70's House Party -- because you really want to require parental notification for abortions.
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lauren e said...

hey poopertins....

make them type in the 7 letter non-word that i have mine doing...annoying, yes, but it cuts down on these irritating people above...