Monday, October 24, 2005

Fall, in the Swamp

Fall has settled into the swamp.

This place is really lacking in it's transition skills, moving from 85 degrees and sweating in the shade, to sweaters and fuzzy socks. No light jacket days, no sleeping with a cool autumn breeze blowing over us. It somehow morphed from the hottest of summer days to the coldest parts of fall. I miss the time lost.

My favorite days are when I can go outside in a long sleeved shirt and pants, and be slightly warm. Sunny days that turn the leaves crisp before they fall. Here, they reach the ground still green - it's like the get too cold to hold onto the trees anymore.

It makes me ridiculously homesick.


lauren e said...

preach it, sister. right there with you.

i miss michigan falls... le sigh.

Luker said...

Don't fret I think this weekend is going to be the nicest weekend of the month. It's 42 degrees in miami right now and snowshoe west virginia has gotten 10 inches of snow today, how weird is that.
Thats crazy you had a copperhead in your back yard. Did evan know it was poisonous when he was coraling it into the trash can?