Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oi Vey

So let's see....To bring you up to speed about the living conditions here at the MSNBCasey News Station:

Electricity- Back on, thanks to the electrician. To the tune of $160.

Doorbell- New one installed. Ding's, but doesn't Dong.

Cabinets- 2 coats of primer, two coats of undercoat, and layer of crackler glaze applied. Today will be the true test, my friends.

Bug Situation- $580 bug/pest contract and I saw a spider cricket in the house last night. If Western Pest Services does not come here today, there will be many an angry letter coming soon.

Bug Situation (outside)- If these god damned cicadas don't go away soon I'm going to die. They're like sparrows they're so big, and they're dumb and rocks, throwing themselves against things like windows and lights. They're going to break something, and then I'm going to be REALLY unhappy.

Fish: All the fish and the frog made the move. Sadly, WannaHockALugie succumbed to the frog's wily advances and is no longer with us.

Family Situation- Margaret and Joe are still MIA from the French Quarter. Hope they get found soon - starting to worry.

So, I think that about brings everyone up to speed here. We are currently experiencing a breaking news story here at the station, will report ASAP.

This is MSNBCasey, signing out. Now to Dan, with the weather.....

1 comment:

lauren e said...

i think we should let the frog and willis go at it. i'd pay to see that fight.

stupid frog.