Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Monday

Today is setting itself up to be a crappy day.

Last Thursday, I had a new filling put in. Without novacaine. Kill me.

Friday night, it fell out as I bit into my sandwich. My sandwich on untoasted potato bread. My sandwich, which was so squishy, a 105 year old man without teeth could have gummed it down. That sandwich broke my new filling.

And so, I waited all weekend for the dentist to reopen, and now I have an 11:30 appointment to get my tooth drilled and filed again with no novacaine. The next step is a root canal. But so help me god, i'll pull the tooth out myself before i have a root canal without novacaine.

Is it Friday yet?

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lauren e said...

hey, dont be rushing the Black Day just yet. im not ready.

whatever happened to "is it later TODAY yet since that is when i get to see my girl lauren?"???? huh???? are you not so excited for our black dress shopping?

yay corporate la! NOT.

maybe they should use nail super glue. i've glued my figers together with that for many a formal, and that shit doesn't mess around.

my office smells funny right now. hm.