Monday, May 04, 2009

A Night in the Life

12 midnight - Head to bed after a 16 hour day that included breakfast with the inlaws, throwing a birthday party for Cecilia and her friends, hosting my family back at the house, having the kids across the street over for three hours to play, and cleaning up messes of the aforementioned events.

12:45am - Corral husband back into bed after a dream that sent him running and yelling into the hallway, looking for intruders

1:15 am - Clean up vomit from Cecilia's bed, hair, face and clothes.  Put her to sleep in my room.

1:25 am - Throw all vomitous laundry into the washer after shaking the particularly chunky sheets outside.

1:35 am - Crawl back into bed, jockeying for space in the queen size bed amongst my husband, my three year old and my infant 

1:50 am - Wake to Cecilia screaming and hold vomit bucket and her hair back as she gets sick.  Repeat 1:15, 1:25 and 1:35's events again.

2:30 am - And again

3:10 am - And again

3:55 am - And again.

4:10 am - Lucas wakes up, wanting to nurse, and realizes his sister is in the bed.  Spend the next 20 minutes trying to keep Lucas from kicking Sissy in the back or pulling her hair.

4:30 am - Everyone in the bed finally falls asleep

5:30 am - Alarm goes off

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Erica said...

Oh, wow. You poor thing. I had a night similar to this last week (except swap the 3 year old vomiting for a 3 year old peeing everywhere).