Saturday, May 09, 2009

Are you a pothead, Focker?

Apparently, you are.

I have a tracker on my blog, that allows me to see how people found it - a link from somewhere else, a google search, a blog search, and so on and so forth.  

The number one way that people find my blog, is by googling "Hungry, Happy, Sleepy," from the infamous Katt Williams weed rants.  Over 70% of the visitors to my blog found it by looking for stand up skits about MJ.  

Further proving my point that you guys are a bunch of stoners - Aside from looking for tidbits about the ganja, you have also googled the following and somehow found me:
Bed hair  (what??)
Thompson Creek Window Fuck (I give you credit, that's probably pretty legit)
The Saga of Baba Fats (Oh Shel Silverstein, how I love thee)
Captain Crunch Cheerios (These do not exist in real life.  Go look for munchies somewhere else.)

I mean, come on now, kids.  Bed hair?  Ew.  Don't google bed hair (stop it.  I know you're all opening up a new window to go google it).  

I have also ascertained that you are very interested in seeing pictures of motorcycles.  The picture you are painting of yourselves, dear Blog Readers, is slightly disturbing.  

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lauren e said...

Arn't trackers educational? I check mine periodically and start wondering who the hell I could know in Spain, Kansas and so on -- Wouldnt you think Spain would be more interesting than Virginia and my oh so exciting life? (Please, someone tell me Spain is better than this, or I might cry.)

Or maybe we are just that exciting/entertaining? ;D