Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well, that's creepy.

So I'm sitting here in my mostly dark dining room, distracting myself from writing the 40 some thank you's I still have left to write on Cecilia's behalf from the Christening, and I happen upon Laurens blog (by the way, have you seen Lauren? She's about this tall, and very pretty, and funny and smells pretty good and has a buick. If you find her, can you point her in my direction? She's missed on Costa Dr.) and I leave a snarky comment, as always, and I notice next to the 'type these funny looking letters into the box" box, there's a little blue man in a wheel chair.

Hm. Intrastink.

So, I click the little blue man in the wheel chair, and through my computer comes a bit of eerie white noise, followed by some weird girl saying things like ""


I turned my speakers off, because really, in the dark, it was THAT weird. I regained my wits and turned them back on, and this time heard and man and a woman "Three...three..six....nine....three" What the hell? Why are the creepy voices in a wheelchair? What will become of the crooked letters if I click them? Why do I care so much?

Oh right. Because I don't want to write thank yous.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Cecilia is certainly Queen of her Castle!