Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Being the type of mom who is a firm believer in letting babies be babies, dinner time at our house makes for quite the adventure. Cecilia has recently discovered that not only does she have hands that fit in her mouth, she has hands that can grab other things and squish them around and bring them to her mouth.

She likes being part of the table activities. She's not content in her swing, or god forbid, the bouncy chair, but will sit content on someone's knee, with her hands on the table as if waiting for her plate of food. She usually has a napkin to tear up, or my keys to jingle, but sometimes she gets an extra special something to play with, like the fresh whipped cream from dessert.


Slink said...

awww just look at that face! she is just LOVING that cream! hehehe :-)

lauren e said...

thats one intense look of concentration she has there... :)