Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Game Plan

We're finally in the house.

We went at Midnight O'One to let ourselves in and were greeted with the contents of the home spread all over the front lawn. Beds, broken frames, a weightbench, various garbage in and out of cans, assorted bric-a-brac. The works. I stressed slightly. Who do I call about this? The owners? The title company? Dare I say it, Morgan?

But it's okay, when we went back at 7am, it was all gone. Vanished into the night. Thank God.

The virtual tour will be posted tomorrow...Possibly later tonight, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious. Yesterday was filled with this painfully boring task of peeling wallpaper borders off of the wall. Really old wall paper borders. Really old, ugly, sticky, gooey, liquid nailed to the wall, wallpaper borders. Also spackling the many holes in our house/dartboard, and sanding down said spackle.

The previous owners must have decided to paint the fireplace hearth, so they primed it, and then forgot it. So the hearth is half primer white. I sprayed Graffitti-Off onto it. It's a no go. It got alot off, but not everything. Now it's just pastel looking bricks. But in the process, I got a big glob of the Graffitti-Off foam on my foot, and I have a LURVELY chemical burn between my poor little toes. The toes are definately not happy with me. Lauren said to me "Well, don't you have old sneakers or something to wear next time?" Of course I do...But that would totally go against the whole idea of bare feet. Bare feet, how I love thee.

We have 12 windows and a sliding glass door - all of which need replacing. We had several companies come out and give estimates. Most game in, measured, and gave us a 10-15 minute speil on the windows and wrote a quote. But Thompson Creek Window Company came in with a THREE HOUR presentation. Three hours! So boring. So old. And c'mon, I had so many better things to be doing with my day. His estimate came in at almost three times the others at $21,450. Jesus Lord, that's like almost two thousand dollars a window. I asked if they came out and cleaned them once a week for that price. He didn't think I was a funny girl.

My dad is on his way here from Jersey as I type this. Giant stereo and power roller in tow. Yay! Life made simple with a Wagner Power Roller.

Stay tuned kids, good pictures are a-comin'

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lauren e said...

Lauren said to me "Well, don't you have old sneakers or something to wear next time?"

actually, i said RUNNING SHOES. not (shudder) 'sneakers'.

sheesh. it's nice to know you LISTEN to me when i say things. ;)

(can't WAIT to meet papa g)