Sunday, August 14, 2005

Come Inside, Come Inside

So, since I know that my beloved blog readers have been dying to see the inside of my new house, allow me to show you some of the highlights of home ownership.

We knew when we bought the home that it was a "fixer-upper." This is much different than a handyman's special, in that a fixer-upper is ugly ~ A handyman's special is falling down. Luckily, it's the former.

But, oh, new house, how ugly it is....

We used several quarts of spackle, and replaced all of the outlets. The formal dining room is finished (and lubly, will post pics soon.) as is the hallway. The bedrooms are mostly done. The kitchen is a work in progress - see pics below.

The bedrooms would be finished if GD Home Depot weren't such bastards. Evan and I spent no less than $600 on paint and painting supplies thus far, and have a fairly nice sized vinyl window contract pending. A $10,000 nice sized window contract.

We bought 17 gallons of paint at once. All flat finish, with of course, the exception of the kitchen. Several days later as we're slowly pbut surely trudging through the paint, we see that a palette of 4 gallons is all eggshell. Groan. Moan. Pain in my ass. We schlep it to the nearest Home Depot, who tells us that we have to return it to the Home Depot where it was purchased. We schlep the 30 miles to the other Home Depot, where they will not switch the paint. I showed them my receipt, and the other receipts from the last several days, showing I was a loyal Home Depot customer.

I got no where with the paint department - they don't take back pre-mixed paint. I asked to speak to the paint manager.

I got no where with the paint department manager. He was a miserable little short man. He offered 10% off of my next order of paint to replace the $80 of paint that they mixed with the wrong finish. Whoo-fucking-hoo. I told him that not only did his store lose my paint business, but the window contract was as good as nixed.

Paint manager assured me that this was drastic - they're windows are of the upmost quality. But if they won't stand behind 80 bucks of paint, they'll stand behind me when I spend even more?

No thank you, I will take my business elsewhere.

So yeah. Mucho frustrated. Out 4 gallons of paint. Dirty. Aggitated. And I'm scraping shit (literally) off of the cabinets in my kitchen. Check out the pictures below and tell me - Does it get any better than this?

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