Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We won! We finally won. A home of our own. Brick, siding and some shingles, and it's ours.

Morgan called last night to tell us. He casually asked how the DC fireworks were, if they were as spectacular as i had hoped. He then slipped in "And, when you leave the Hill, if you could swing by my office, I have a contract I need you to ratify..." Hot Damn! And the whole city rejoiced with fireworks just for me.

On the market for approximately 10 hours, with six presenting offers.

So the details:

2 level, 4 bedroom 1 1/2 bathroom rambler home. Mostly brick, some siding. 1/4 acre lot, ugly little kitchen, fireplace, living room, dining room, hardwood floors on the entire main level, laundry room, storage area, central air, baseboard heat, pull down attic steps. Oh, and I forgot the best part:


Where you going? I'm going to C. Burrows 15105 Costa Dr, Woodbridge, where are you going? I'M going to 15105 Costa Dr. Woodbridge.

Pictures will be posted soon :)


lauren e said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT STAND THIS!!!!! i am SO thrilled for you. :)

i was there for the phone call and i will be there for the ice cream celebration later (man we are lame, lol). maybe we should drink some wine or something, though with my luck one glass would turn into "im not feeling this yet, lets just drink out of the bottle!"

and then suddenly i wont be able to walk, lol. and suddenly poor evan has two easily-excitable, low-tollerace, overly-critical, uncontrollably chatty drunk girls on his hands. one of which he has to drive home. :)

maybe i'll just stick to ice cream and my usual.

'saw' better not be skippy, either, or we are never going to back to hollywood video. and they are getting a letter.

i love you! cant wait to see pictures! eeeee, this is so exciting!

Slink said...

HUUUGE congrats Saki... Really happy for you! :)