Monday, July 11, 2005


Thursday my parents came to see the house we just bought. My mother, who has been to Northern Virginia approximately once just about lost her lunch over exactly what 320k bought us. "But....The windows.." She stammered. "They don't even have SCREENS!" We tried to explain that the fact that the home had all of it's walls and a roof intact was a step up from most in our price bracket. But she continued. "And the bathroom is so..." dramatic pause with lip curl "DATED!" Did not go so well. We ate at Applebees, wrapped in blankets because the A/C must've been set for "Arctic Tundra" My parents left, trading Guido for Jemma.

Friday Jemma and I loafed at the pool, went to craft stores, loafed at the pool some more, and ate ice cream.

Saturday brought a trip to the zoo, in 95+ degree heat and direct sun. I'm a little crispy. The cheetah babies are no longer cute fluffs, but awkward teenage cheetahs, feet too big, legs too long, head too small. The otters were visible, but sleeping. They reminded me of guido. The hippo was swimming around with it's little fat head and tiny ears peeking above the top of the water. He reminded me of Guido too. I miss Guido. I think we got the short end of the stick in our trade.

Sunday we went to eastern market, where I felt at home in my flowy shirt and sandals. Bought a handblown vase for 15bucks. Only thing i've ever seen that matches our living room set. We ate too much Ben and Jerry's and watched the Princess Bride when we got home. I lubs me some Princess Bride. I could quote that movie all day and laugh like I was the funniest girl ever.

I think I just might be the funniest girl ever.

"Am I going MAD, or did the word THINK escape your lips?? You were NOT hired for your brains you hippopotamic landmass."

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