Sunday, June 19, 2011


..the newest member of the Costa Casa: Wilbur!

He is cute, yes? It's a good thing he's cute, 'cause he's pretty fresh. He has a sweet disposition, but he's exceptionally mischievous. He is a notorious counter surfer, and a big time snugglebug.

Rizzo is slowly getting over herself, and begrudgingly forging a friendship with Wilbur, or Willy B as we like to call him. Technically, it doesn't matter what we call him, Wilbur is deaf.

Having a deaf dog has its advantages - he sleeps through the chaos that is our daily routine. He is unfazed by the neighborhood dogs barking. He doesn't go apeshit over the doorbell.

It's a tough adjustment for us, though. Waving your arms in an angry fashion isn't nearly as satisfying as yelling "Wilbur, NO!" in response to him eating the leftovers off the countertop.

And so, the chaos continues, with four new legs in the house. All is well.


Lizbetty said...

Oh he's so cute!

Anonymous said...

We have a deaf Basset Hound. I understand your frustration, believe me!

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