Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

Twelve months have passed since "everything" started with Lucas.

Twelve months ago, he was not walking.

Twelve months ago, he was not talking.

Twelve months ago, we had our first meeting with intervention services, who referred us to ortho, who referred us to neuro, who launched our catapult into the special needs community.

It was a community that at the time, we were devastated to join. We vacillated between denying there was anything wrong, and trembling with fear about what might be wrong.

We still don't have a diagnosis that encompasses all of the puzzle pieces. But I do know this - there is nothing "wrong" with my boy.

When we meet new people, and it comes to light that we have a child with special needs, most people respond with a sympathetic "I'm so sorry." Well, I'm here to tell you this - don't be sorry. I'm not. Lucas is a smart, loving, sweet boy. He gives 150% all the time. He throws his whole heart into everything he does. There is nothing for anyone to be "sorry" about.

It was something that I'm embarrassed to say I didn't understand until Lucas' struggles became apparent. I never understood when parents said "My special needs child is a blessing." I get it now. I completely understand and embrace it now.

Twelve months have gone by.

We still have our struggles, and we still have our sad moments, but we keep moving forward with our heads held high.

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Cathleen O'Connor said...

Good for you!